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Monday, July 2, 2012

SMTP4DEV: Your sharepoint 2010 out going email server for development farm

If you are having standalone sharepoint 2010 development farm on window7 64bit, and looking for good option,  SMTP4DEV. It is a free tool. You will need around 10mins and then you can start receiving emails from sharepoint farm! Here are quick steps:

  1. Download  SMTP4DEV from it's codeplex project site, I prefer standalone exe but you can download installer as well.
  2. If you like to use some custom local domain, click on options and set up some local domain like local.machinename.com. Create host entry pointing to
  3. By completing these many steps you can now send emails through  SMTP4DEV by any url ending in @local.machinename.com
  4. Go to sharepoint central administration > System settings > setup outgoing email server.
  5. set local.machinename.com as server, and provide any email ending in @local.machinename.com 
  6. Save your settings
After these minimum set of configuration you will be able to start sending emails. Beauty of SMTP4DEV is:
  1. It will show you notification that new email is sent
  2. It will show you all emails sent from the smtp in UI without actually sending it
  3. You can inspect email
  4. You can view email (in email client that you set default)
So, in conclusion, it is a best choice KISS kind of solution for your sharepoint 2010 development farm's outgoing SMTP server.

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