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Friday, July 25, 2014

Cross site list view web part anywhere in site collection


There are times when you want to display list/library from root level site collection or visa-versa to sub-site but stuck because sharepoint don't provide list view web part that can be shown across sub sites. If you are in same site collection, its possible with the trick I am going to share.

Step 1 - Create a page and drop list view web part there

Create a page in the site/web where you got the list/library and drop the list view web part into that page and save the page.

Step 2 - Export lsit view web part

If you try to see the edit menu for the web part and there is a link called "Export" you can directly export and download the web part.

If you can not see "Export" option in the web part menu, you have to do following:
  • Right click on the web part content heading that shows list/library fields and click on inspect element (IE9+, chrome, firefox and other popular browsers)
  • Once you are ready with web part id, you can use following url to export the web part

Step 3 - Set Web ID

  • Switch to powershell and get guid of the web where the list exists. $w = Get-SPWeb -identity url-of-web;w.ID
  • Open exported .webpart file and find WebID property and set value of the guid you get to the value in WebId node in web part file.

Step 4 - Upload it to web part gallery

  • Go to site settings > Galleries > web part galleries
  • click on upload and upload your web part file here and set title, group and description of the web part

Step 5 - Finished

  • Go to anywhere in your site collection and add the web part. It will show you the list view web part that you uploaded in specific group.


I tested this with list/libraries having html as default view and rendering of the list view web part works. There are lots of functions associated with the list/library that can be performed from ribbon that I have not tested. Please make sure you consider that while using this trick.